Welcome to Tenemaza Consulting

I am a part-time freelancer with entrepreneurial mind set.

My name is Juan Tenemaza and I am the sole proprietor of ExDevSoft.com (aka Tenemaza Consulting). Based in the scenic view of Hudson Valley – New York, Tenemaza Consulting provides database and web design and application programming. Experienced in ASP.Net and SQL Server database programming, Tenemaza Consulting can help develop, grow, expand or enhance your business by using today’s technology.

Each business is unique, and you need an application built to your specifications. Tenemaza Consulting specializes in developing applications that become a seamless component of your business.

Tenemaza Consulting, as an experienced developer of database applications, will help your business run with the efficiency today’s technology or demands. Whether you have short-term specific needs or require a comprehensive data solution, Tenemaza Consulting will provide a tailor-made application for your business.

Based on my experience businesses no longer need to manage their own local file, application and email servers and gone are the days of having to install software on PCs and laptops. I aim to ensure that you are aware of what is now possible and put them in a position to take full advantage of the tools and technologies available. With my experience gained as the educator and supporting IDM system for small to mid-size businesses, I am ideally placed to help customers reap the benefits now offered by the web and mobile internet and customized applications.

I have been in the IT industry for more than ten years with the focus in Integrated Document Management(IDM). As technical IT savvy and educator I have seen what industries are looking for and their best practices. I have also seen the worst catastrophes if systems are not planned properly or maintained.

So, if you are looking for an independent contractor with no long term commitment, feel free to contact me.


Tenemaza Consulting
Email: contact@tenemaza.com